Creating Custom Forms

So I am automating a task that requires input from the user. I saw the input dialog option, but was sad to learn that it only allows the user to select one option provided, so now I am exploring the custom input, and other packages available that are used to perform a task like this. Basically what I need to do is to pass an array of strings to a form activity of some sort, and use the array in a checkable list where the user can select 1 or all of the options presented, submit the form and have the form return all of the indicies of the options that were not selected in an integer array so I can skip them in my IEnumerable data structure, or something of this nature. I saw that custom input activity does not have an input capability (to my knowledge) so I am also exploring SyForms and the Alpaca Ui Form Builder Lib but I would love your input on what you think is most appropriate for this task and if you know of any resources that I could check out to see a similar implementation where I can pass input to a custom form activity that can handle multiple selections from the user. Thank you!

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You can use UiPath forms here by installing UiPath.Forms.Activities package to create custom Forms. Have a look below thread to know more about Forms.

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Hey @Stephanie_Rimel

It’s possible using Custom Input (this uses HTML and JS) as well.

But the recommended way to do is to use UiPath Forms Package which has Create Form activity in which the inputs can be designed as required.


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thank you so much this is perfect as it covers my security reqs as well. I appreciate your help!

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