How can I make a dropdown menu?

I want to make a dropdown menu where the user will have to select an option from the dropdown menu. Or like a combo box.

I used to use Input Dialog activity, and set an array of options from its property. It used to be an actual dropdown menu.
Now, I am using the same activity the same way, but now it is shown as radio buttons. I hate this because it takes up a lot of space as more options are added to the list.

Is there any way to use the traditional dropdown menu using Input Dialog activity, instead of radio buttons? I don’t even understand why they changed it.
Or is there any other activity for this purpose?


I suppose we can use Form.Activities.

Can also use Custom Input.



Hi @tomato25

If you set options to contain more than 3 items, the input dialog will show dropdown.

For reference


Thank you all! I only had 2 options, maybe that’s why I only had 2 radio buttons.

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