Best activity for implementing checklist?

Hi, I have a process which involves collection or submission of a list of physical documents and I want to develop an attended workflow involving this. What is the best way to implement a dialog with a checklist so that staff can only proceed once they have ticked all the items? Also what is a good workaround if there isn’t such an activity?


my best guess would be to use the “Custom Input” activity. You can show your own custom html file in a popup window. Build your checkboxes there and pass a string as the result when you click a button to confirm and close the popup.

Unfortunately the “Input Dialog” activity seems to only support drop-down-menus now, it used to support radio buttons as well, I don’t know about checkboxes though.

How does the Submit button pass the form parameters back to UiPath? Also what are the field names I should use?

Do you have a demo file for the custom html file?


it does that with the help of some JavaScript Code. Luckily this is well documented with an example file. See here:

It will need some adaptation to use the combo boxes. If I find some time today, I’ll try.


it was easier than I thought. Does this work for you?

Custom Input Forms.xaml (5.3 KB)
form.html (1.5 KB)