Creating custom activities

Custom Activities

I’m trying to build custom activities.
A small activity already worked, but I would like to work with a parent scope and child objects.
(first made the custom activity and later created a popup-box with some custom form)

the objective is to create a wpf view with a few elements build from a list of items
the parrent should take care of opening the WPF view (after reading the childeren) and the childeren should fill the list.

Parent application scope (titel, buttons, timer)

  • child1 : textbox, name, label, output
  • child2 : radiobutton, name, label, “Man,Woman”, output
  • child3 : combobox, name, label, “Green,Yellow,Red”, output
  • child4 : textbox, name, label, output

I have been looking at the code from the Quick-start. But I’m affraid it is a bit over my head as I’m not that experienced with bigger projects.

Are there other projects that I can look into? or can anyone help out with this?
I am including the C# console app as my example.
(it’s a simple console app that opens up the WPF Form and after pressing yes sends the result to the console )

Screenshot: (908.6 KB)

can’t find an option to drop the setup & licensing tag…

Hi @JoVansant

Which version of UiPath Studio are you using?


Ashwin S

latest community version… 2019.7
but it will also be used in older versions. working on projects with 2018.4 studio

no one with in between examples that I could have a look into?
or other online documentation for parent/child scopes
the quick start is really great but… it’s a bit overwhelming to start with. or to adjust it into well my thing :smiley: