UiPath Activity Creator - Adding Dropdowns to the activities in the xaml


So I have been doing a bunch of work in visual studio using the activity creator and done some nice things, some undocumented but already in the framework such as adding constraints so activities are only valid within a scope etc. (at least I couldn’t find it documented).
Its nice but the one thing I am missing is in the WPF how to add some bound dropdown boxes or checkboxes.
I’ve only tried dropdowns so far and cannot get the binding to work properly to connect it to an Enum property in my activity? Since its not an InArgument anymore the properties window works great and shows the enums I can select, but binding that to a control on my form, I’m abit stumped.

WPF is not my strong suit so I can solve the ‘normal’ C# stuff but need abit of help on this one. Anyone got any thoughts or help?

Hi @Jon_Smith

Maybe this helps you (have also a look at the recommended ‘dotPeek’ tool):

…or if you want to try it by youself:

The first link to the forum post was not relevant as I pointed out I already have Enums working in the properties window and it was specifically binding in WPF that was being elusive.

The answer to this isn’t straightforward as UiPath do provide some controls to use, such as a file selection control and their own version on the combo box control etc.

In the end I solved this by examining the UiPath Github and taking examples from their Community Activities. I suggest anyone else to go there and also look at how they solved it.
The dropdown isn’t perfect as it doesn’t follow themes like dark mode, which is possible since the Log Message activity has a vanilla dropdown that does. But its good enough for me for now.

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