UiPath Custom Activity for UI activties


I downloaded the Custom Activity Creator from UiPath Go! and trying to create my own custom activity. However, most tutorials I find about creating custom activities are mostly regarding obtaining an Input variable and turning it into an Output. However I am looking for tutorials on how to create a custom activity that includes UI activities like sending a hotkey or clicking a button.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi, welcome to the community!
If you are only using uipath activities in your custom activity, maybe consider creating a Library instead, using that template in your studio.


That’s an interesting take but I was looking forward to building it as a custom activity to gain the experience of using the Custom Activity Creator tool. With that being said, if building a library is the smartest way of doing it, thus makes no sense to create a custom activity for it, it leads to a followup question…what would be a good identifier to suggest that it’s best to create a custom activity? I am trying to understand the potential and its best use.

Building a custom activity using Visual Studio will only make sense when there is no available activity already built that will suite your needs, but that can be complex if you dont have a lot of experience building activities in the first place, so starting with already complex activities is not ideal…

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