Creating API automation test case without Postman and some Postman issues


I am currently trying out the UIPath and for some reason I am unable to find enough resources that will teach me how to use UIPath for API test automation, which is concerning.

My first issue is that, when importing API collections coming from the latest Postman, it throws a Document is Invalid error, which prevents me from exploring further. Note that I already met the pre-requisites of this as mentioned in this post. What I did was just to export the Postman collection and load it directly here. No edits happened in the process. :blush:

Now since Postman doesn’t work on my end, I wanted to try writing it from scratch.

The second issue now comes in - I am unable to pass the POST request body properly as it seems like the request body I gave doesn’t get sent to the API for receiving. How do I create API test cases manually with GET/POST/PUT/DELETE? Are there any hidden resources? :blush:

Hoping for your kind help. :slight_smile:

This is what it looks like on the second question/issue.

Hello @jkchua

Have you gone through the below documentation.


Hey Rahul,

Apparently, that documentation only shows about importing collections from Postman, which brings back to my first issue that I am unable to import my collections from Postman, thus being blocked from progressing further. :sob:

Unless I am missing something obvious, it seems it doesn’t help me configure APIs. :frowning: The documentation doesn’t specify what should I upload to that UI? Is it the json export of collections? Was it something else? Do I need to do something to make it work? :blush:

Also, do I really have to rely on Postman’s schema to create API tests? Isn’t there any documentation how to do it from zero to API test? :blush: