Postman integration - how to or videos


Is there any videos explaining the integration with Postman API libraries, a step by step guide to load the different endpoints into studio?

As I understand, Uipath connects to Postman and uses the “connection” from Postman instead going directly from Uipath to the endpoint, but I’m missing some pieces to connect Ui with Postman.

I have made a working POST request in postman and retrieves a list of orders in an XML format, but how do I import it to Studio to work with it as a xml file to be looped through?

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Maybe I just don’t see the point, but what is the benefit of using the Postman collections as libraries or just creating the endpoints as librariy activities?

How can we extract or import data from postman into uipath, please help? API is working on Postman but not UiPath


Facing a same issue… can we do this? if yes, then how to do it?