How to import Postman collection through Service Editor?

Hi there,

I’m currentliyh trying to import the Automation Hub API into Studio by using Postman.
I’m following the guide here: API Test Automation (
The problem I’m facing is that it shows only 1 Endpoint and it’s not even working. image
It seems as if I didn’t set up Postman correctly since this problem happens with other APIs loaded in from Postman as well.
The API is working perfectly fine in Postman:

Maybe someone who already loaded APIs from Postman into Studio could help me here? I’m pretty lost right now.


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Hi @armin.mueller

Just to make sure, have you taken care of the prerequisites listed here?


Hi @loginerror,

yes, I’ve installed Nodejs and Newman.


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Hi @loginerror ,

is there any update as to why I’m having this issue?
It still is not working with any Postman collection.
I have isntalled NodeJs and Newman.


We are investigating the issue, but I cannot provide any specific deadline. Until then, it might be necessary to utilize the HTTP Request activity from the WebAPI package to fulfil your API needs for Postman collections that cannot be properly imported.

Hi there.

I am facing the same exact Issue.

Importing the UiPath Postman Collection only results in 1 activity.

Can you update us on your investigation?

Using UiPath Studio Pro 21.4.4 and Web.API activites 1.9.1


I’ve got exactly the same issue. If you don’t have Swagger collection it’s a bit difficult to utilize existing endpoints. Please investigate the issue. Looking forward to the update.

Small update. There is indeed an inconsistency between importing the swagger definition and the Postman collections, as per our documentation:

Due to some technical limitations of how Postman exposed their collection via their API, the initial implementation of the Postman import feature in Studio only allows the entire collection to become one single activity:

This means that one can group multiple api requests in a collection, import that collection to a library and then be able to run all the API requests in that collection with this single activity (all requests will run one after the other).

Our team is evaluating the possibilities to improve the experience in the future based on the development efforts of the Postman team.

Hi, Is there any update on this issue? I still face the same issue while importing postman collection to service library in studio.

Hi @armin.mueller . Last year we’ve released a capability where you can use the Automation Hub API inside Studio, using this Automation Hub Custom Connector Automation Hub Custom Connector - Preview.

Please have a look at the instructions and see if they are resolving your use case. Let us know. Thanks!