Creating a new folder with today's date then copying file to it

Hello, Currently I am trying to implement the following:

Create a folders with today’s date
Currently I am doing this with the “Create Directory” and in the path at the end of the path I have the following:“yyyy-MM-dd”)

But then I want to copy a excel sheet from a folder to this newly created folder, but when I try to write the path it can’t seem to recognize it.

Example destination path: “C:\Users\josephine.andrews\Documents\Testing_Creation”“yyyy-MM-dd”)"\Test1.xlsm"

Any recommendations welcome, thank you :smiley:

  1. Store The FolderPath and Names in Vaiables such as strFolderPath and strFolderName

  2. Use Path.Combine(“strFolderPath”,“strFolderName”)

  1. Then Use a Copy File

So in Copy File

Destination - The destination path where the file is to be copied is full path not only folder Name