Create Task Form, Form Editor, and Columns - Error code: 2403

This is related to Community Studio 2020.06.beta.93 (which supposedly is the Stable branch ???).

I’m having an issue with using “Create Task Form” and attempting to be a little creative with the layout of the Form itself using Layout->Columns. I was hoping to put a Submit button in one column and a Cancel button in the other column (as it defaults to 2 columns). Using “Preview” in the Forms Editor and it displays it fine.

What I have found is if I put something inside either of the columns and run it in Studio Debug mode (running on Robot does the same thing), I get this error:

Invalid form layout Error code: 2403

… as soon as Studio runs the “Create Task Form” activity. I can add the Column artifact in my Form as long as it is empty just as a simple test and the Task Form is created fine.

Anyone got any thoughts on what it up with the Layout->Columns form feature in this situation ?

Just to get it working, I deleted that “Create Task Form” and created a new one. This time I left the default layout alone meaning it has the 5 “Table Components” in the default formatting. Added a button to button two left “components” and added HTML “Content” above that and it works fine.