Complete Task: No form action was submitted Error code: 2406


I was trying to get the bot to auto approve the unassigned task whereas getting exception as “No form action was submitted Error code:2406”.

Can you please help me on this?

Orchestrator version:
Pkges version
Persistence - 1.2.2
Form activities - 1.9.4

Any help would be much appreciated. Thx.

Many thanks

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Hey @Seetha_t

Are you passing the right task action ?

It should be the key of the button you have in the form for completing the task.

Also the task data of there are some mandatory fields to be filled.

Hope that helps.


Hello NK,

Thanks for your note.

Yes, I was passing the right field key value(from the form->button control-> field key) on the complete task.

The form had 4 text boxes and none of them are mandatory.

The error code I could see as TaskFormNoAction = 2406

The orchestrator hosted on one of our on-premises server and unsure whether it needs to be enabled any settings on the IIS server.

Many thanks

Hi @Seetha_t ,
I figured out the following by examining the Json code in the form creator activity. In your “Task Data” JObject for the “Complete Task” activity you should have the action value for the button. I have it read this from a .txt file, it should look like this:
“Submit”: true

Hello @EJ.exe, Sorry for the delayed response. Let me try this out. Thank you so much for the input.

Many thanks


Was your issue resolved? I’m actually facing the same issue and am unable to figure it out.

I have the same problem/error code when i try to use the “Complete Task” Activity.

Im not able to approve the task. The assignment of the task is working

Does anyone has a solution which is working ?