Create new sheet and paste screenshot in loop

I want to paste screenshot of holidays of different countries in excel sheet, sheet has to be created everytime by bot when screenshot will be copied countrywise:
URL- Holidays worldwide
For example:-countries for which screenshot-Denmark,Netherland

I have used invoke code for screenshot but not able to create new sheet ,paste screenshot and rename sheet.

Please help

You’ll probably have to directly interact with Excel to get the correct cell selected and then click Edit/Paste in the menus. Or use the Excel “add image” menus.

Curious, though, why are you trying to paste into Excel instead of Word or just saving the image somewhere?

Before selecting correct cell, Bot has to create new sheet, rename sheet and then paste the screenshot in that sheet. I am stuck at creating new sheet

@Sanjana_Sinha - I have a created workflow for creating a multiple sheets in particular workbook. Please refer and let me know.

MultipleSheets.xaml (8.0 KB)

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face: