How to copy paste an image into an excel file and how to paste those images in different sheets of the same excel?




Hey @Rashmi_N

This link will guide you on this.



Thank you. It worked


Hey Aksh,

if i were to do the same thing in sheet2 of my existing excel workbook, how can i do so?


You could try the “Select Range” activity and select a cell on Sheet2 which will make it the active sheet.


you can use @ClaytonM advice. it is simple and effective :slight_smile: :+1: because Selects a specified range from an Excel spreadsheet so it will make that activate.



It works, Thanks ClaytonM adn Aksh. But i have one more concern. I am not able to change the icon image (in case of a doc file). What activity can i chose to pic doc icon.
Pls see below.