Multiple Queue based trigger on single process

Hi All ,
i have process D - Dispatcher , created in orchestrator. this Dispatcher will fill 2 queues Q1 and Q2.
for the load sharing some other security reasons we want two separate bot to do on the above Queue items . say B1 and B2. so B1 and B2 will trigger a single performer process P.
now the thing here is . B1 is the bot which runs Process D (dispatcher). So the queue based triggers (2 triggers) with the settings “simultaneous job running” as 1 . should trigger 2 jobs.
there is no specific settings as which bot has to pick up which queue , but when B1 completes D while JOB-1 of P (performer) for B1 goes in to pending status. and once D completed JOB-1 is expected to run and start consuming items from Q1.
mean while JOB-2 has to trigger which will be executed by Bot B2 and will consume Q2.
but strangle only one (performer) JOB executes. and it consumes only one queue item.
but how ever when i make the "simultaneous job execution " settings as 2 .
2 jobs are triggering.
my question is why this is happening like this ? what if tomorrow , one queue only gets filled and one does not . so even in that case 2 jobs will be triggered ?
or is it expected to create two processes ?

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We are running into the same problem. The two triggers shouldn’t care that another trigger already started a job, but they do.

Depending upon your volume, you could try this as a workaround:

In both triggers, set simultaneous jobs to 2, but set the “another job is triggered” to 10,000 (why it’s limited to this number I don’t know). As long as neither queue reaches 10,000 neither trigger will start a second job, but both triggers can start jobs at the same time.