How to run process on multiple machine from queue trigger in Orchestrator 21.10

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Just going through with new orchestrator 21.10.1.Can anyone please let me know how to run process on multiple machines from queue trigger .

Hi @sailesh.tiwari

When you create the trigger, select it to be a queue trigger. It’ll give you the options of how many queue items trigger it, and how many jobs it’ll kick off, etc.



Also you can check below document for your reference

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No .My question is that i want to run the process on 5 machines based on queue trigger so where is the option to allocate 5 machines in new orchestrator 21.10.1

Hi @sailesh.tiwari

Refer to the Link


Can anyone please share the screen shot when we can specify multiple machines or any example by step by step

Hi @sailesh.tiwari

Refer to the link: How to add machine

Also Refer the Screenshot

Go to Tenant → Machine

Choose Add Standard Machine

Enter Name and License


Thank you for your answer .I mean while creating trigger how we can provide multiple bot station machine to execute process on 5 to 6 machine at the same time.

Hi @sailesh.tiwari,

It might be best to read through the documentation references that have already been provided by other community users. You’re asking a generic question that doesn’t have a specific answer as there is quite a bit of details missing for anyone to do so. e.g. Are you using Classic or Modern Folders, Type of Robots, etc.

I would encourage you to review the existing documentation and if you are still having challenge to let us know the steps/motions you have gone through and what challenges/errors/symptoms you are running into.

In short when creating a trigger (Time or Queue based) you can define if the job should run on ANY User and/or ANY Machine/Machine Template under the Execution Target section when creating the trigger. The ability to target specific Machines or Machine Templates was added in 2021, in Orchestrator 2020 you could only target specific Users (Modern) or Robots (Classic).

Specific to Queue based triggers you define the Minimum number of items to trigger your first job, maximum number of concurrent or pending jobs allowed, and how many new items must be created for additional jobs to be triggered.

The idea behind the Machine Templates is that all machines are equal, if they are not they shouldn’t be defined with the same template. As well in Classic Folder you had Environments which doesn’t exist in Modern Folders, if there is a separation that is need to control which users or which machine can run which processes, they should be separated into their own Modern Folders.

I am also looking for a solution to this scenario. Did you find a solution for this?
I guess most of them here are not able to understand your scenario. :slight_smile:

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