Create Hyperlink in Send SMTP Mail Message activity

Has anyone created a hyperlink within the Send SMTP Mail Message? If so, how? Everything I have tried has failed. Can someone point me to an example?

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Hey @eric.brenner

Please use the below in the body prop,

<a href=''> UiPath </a>

Don’t forget to enable the prop BodyAsHTML


Doesn’t appear to work. I get this message.


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Hey @eric.brenner

Kindly use the exact format as mentioned above


Still doesn’t work. States something about implicit conversions.


often, when we do see this message some editors were confused broken. Please share some screenshots where this expression was used and on which activity

also give a try on:

"this is my test link: <a href=""""> UiPath </a> end of text"

Looking at the error Send SMTP interprets your body input as xml instead of a string.

Try assinging the lik as stated in the above formats to astring variable first, and pass the variable as the body in your SMTP activity. This way you force it to be interpreted as a string, and the stric rules are obeyed.

Just use single quotes around the HTML properties.

"this is my test link: <a href=''> UiPath </a> end of text"

It’s a string. You have to have the entire string inside double quotes. The HTML properties’ values go in single quotes.

to be strict: we are dealing with attributes as described here:

It doesn’t have to be in double quotes. HTML doesn’t care.

hint was attribute and not property

It’s the same thing.

href=“http://…” or href=‘http://’ are both correct. HTML doesn’t care.

was not mentioning this and was also not referring it.


as mentioned above (confused editor) and confirming to @Jeroen_van_Loon we do see such issues when editotr / expression box is get confused and interpretates a string as an xml element value.

In the majority of cases we fixed quickly by removing and remodelling the activity

It’s not interpreting the string as an xml element value. He didn’t have the quotes done right. I suspect he has other text in the Body property but didn’t show us all of it.

@postwick Here is what I have. Right now, it’s just a Test area for Proof of Concept.

WIth that said, the message that @ppr had worked, but, I’ll admit, I want to do it right for other use-cases.

Having two double quotes is called escaping. It tells the interpreter that the double quote is a literal, not something to process. It makes it so the double quote doesn’t close the string.

You could just replace “” with ’ and it’ll work fine, because ’ within " and " doesn’t close the string.

@postwick Thank you for your assistance with this. It is much appreciated!

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