Create form to data table


How do i covert the data from create form activity to a data table?


Each value you get from form save it to each row or column as needed in a datatable…

Unless you are getting data in any other way…


Hi @Anil_G

Can you send me a sample xaml file on how to do that?


Could you let us know what is the Form Design that you have and what is the Expected format of the Datatable you would want ?

The form should contain:

Text box: street No
Text box: street Name
Text Box: post code
Text box :suburb
Text Box: state
Check box: trenching required
(If treching required) text box : enter the trenching required.

I require this form to be put in a loop by asking the user how many times you want to enter the data in form eg:4 and based on that i want the form to appear 4 times and each data should be added into a data table with column name street No, street Name, post code, suburb, state& trenching. if trenching is required then enter the data in column else type no in the trenching column.


You could maybe check the below Steps :

  1. Assuming you have created the Form Design in the below way, you would need to use the text Fields / Check Box’s Field Key Property to map the values to a variable in the workflow. This way the submitted values entered will be stored in the variables, Next you could add these values to the Datatable using Add Data Row activity inside the Do Block of the Create Form activity, provided you have the Datatable already built with the required columns using Build Datatable activity.

You would require to keep the Direction as In/Out in the FormFieldsCollection Property for all the variables. Do note that the Name values should be the same as what was provided in the Field Key values.

Let us know if you were able to understand the above approach.

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