How to write Data into datatble

Hi Everyone !

Im new to UI path , can you please help me in writing data to data tables ,

I’m having ‘n’ divisions , for each division im preparing a file and sending the file to user along with the division name and attachment .

Here I would like to build a data table where I want to write the status of the mails sent or failed .

Like , I built a data table with 3 columns

  1. Division name
  2. Status
  3. Reason

So now I want to input data to those three columns , could you please let me know how it is done


Use data row Activity and pass the values in array row or data row as per your data.


Use add data row activity ,and in input field [Array Row] pass
the variable,


can you please give me an xaml file for reference

testttt.xaml (7.5 KB)


Under add data row activity pass your variables in array row separated by column. If you saw the example I pass the string values and you just need pass the variable.


Main.xaml (14.2 KB)


I want to write into the data table @vr24 , not get data from the data table .

could you please help

Hi @sravan_kumar1,

How can I convert string to data row ?


I have values comming in a variable for adding the data to data table ,

for example : if variable if “Division name” i have loop for iteration where for each iteration I will get a value in “Division Name” now I want to add that name to data table under column division ,

Could you please let me know how this is done

If you have only one column in your datatable as division than in add data row activity pass {“Division Name”} in array property.


can I pass the values to data row as {"division name, processed, “email Not sent”} to write them in datat table

Yes, you can pass multiple values in array property of add data row activity.

The data is getting over written , can you please tell me how to solve this


I didn’t get your question. Please add your .XAML so that I can able to understand and answer your question.


Hi @priya_joshi_thaneti,

Can you please tell me the structure of your datatable and arguments which you are passing in Array property?

testttt.xaml (12.0 KB)

see the below .XAML. You will find the answer.