Create Form Task - Error "serialize the DataTable"

Hi All,

I have tried to display Datatable in the create form task activity and Form have created successfully in orchestrator.
But in wait for Form Task and Resume activity, I’m getting ERROR.
Help me to fix this issue.


Thanks in Advance.

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I have the same issue also. did you manage to find a solution for this ?

Hi @nawara,
Still, I’m facing this issue while creating two or more forms in action center.
I had overcome this issue by creating different modules for each form creation and invoke it in the Main module.

Try this solution and let me know the feedback.

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Hello @VISHNU07,

I have found a solution here.
by giving the datatable a name solve the issue for me.

thank you for your reply.

Hello @nawara,
Can you show how did you implement it ,
Thank you

Hello @msalesforce777,
HYG… just use the assign activity to give the property “TabName” a value