Wait for form Task and Resume Error? "JSON"?

Hello Forum, I’m having this error while trying to work with Actions Centers Tasks… It seems to be, for me , something with my Data Table. But I Don’t bring any kind of “Path”; a file one at least.
The Data Table im referring is one of from a Builda Data Table Activity (IMAGE 2)

Sorry is in spanish hope u don’t mind

Please let me know if you have any clue… Thank you for your attention.

Hi @Luis_Fernando ,

Could you also maybe let us know what are the messages in the Watch Panel for the Datatables ?

It would seem that we would have to provide a Table Name for the Datatables created using Build Datatable Activity. We could use an Assign Activity and assign the table name to the Datatable like below after the Build Datatable Activity.

DT.TableName = "Table1"


Let us know if this works or still facing issues.

hello @supermanPunch
The error persists

Here the Watch Panel