Create Form Show Input Pop Up after Click

Hello everyone,

Wanna ask, how to build create form button after click show pop up input value ?

Like this picture (this is from framework document understanding)

Hi @Dikta ,
I think click trigger then show form
Try - Click. If click works, the next step could be setting a Boolean variable True.
e.g. Assign → boolClickWorked = True
Catch - Assign → boolClickWorked = False

if it True → show form


ah sorry confusing about my question, but my target not like that.

i mean, how to create button in form designer, after button clicked then show pop up input

like this, i want create button reject, so after human click reject in action center the pop up input is shown and human input reason reject then click submit.
the question how to create that form button

I think there is no such popup as you mentioned. however, maybe you can try this way like

  • once the User clicked the reject button, the reason textbox will be displayed where before it’s hidden.

nah, i can’t find tutorial about that :frowning:

sorry, I cannot help u as well. Perhaps, there is someone have the same case as you soon.

anyway, the reason popup windows are shown after clicking the reject button should be added in the new release. I hope.