Perform click on Forms Designer

How can I simulate a button click in UIPath forms designer?

Hi @thered

Are you asking about this



Yes, but I can’t find it in UIPath Forms Designer


UiPath Forms Designer is used for the User Input, Can you please tell me why you want to perform click on Forms Designer? It will contains usually a form based controllers only


Hi ksrinu070184,

We used the Forms as a notification box and we would want to have it closed after few seconds. Is there any there way to do this?

are you able to scrape the notification box using click activity?

or we can pass a Hot Key Enter or Escape when the element is exist as a work around

can you show the notification box so that we also get a idea


I tried those and also the click image activity but nothing seems to work. One thing i noticed is that the form is waiting for an activity or button to be pressed before it goes to the next step.

I also tried the parallel workflow but no to avail.

Below is the notification box

Hi @thered

We have callout activity, especially designed for this scenario.

Please try callout feature (It comes with forms package itself).