Virtual Input Form

Is there any way to create an input form, which similar to create VBA form in Excel, for user input?


Thank you for your inquiry.

Using input activity, you can do something like:


Here is the XAML Janet_Cheng.xaml (7.4 KB)

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Is there any method to put radio buttons and drop down list into one single pop up?

hi @Janet_Cheng

Right Now Input Activity only supports one pop up at a time.

If In properties of input you will find an option property. if you will pass no options to it or may be one option then it will render an input pop up box. if you will pass array of 2 or 3 options then it will render a radio button. if you will pass an array of option more then 3 then it will render a combo box or select box.

According to my knowledge you are thinking to render a form like registration so you can take all input in a one form but with input activity you can pass only one popup and use that output.



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