Create Form Dropdown value is not populating if Condition provided


Can anyone help me on this. I am facing an issue in Create form.

1.I am using database values to populate drop down field in create form and its getting populated.
2. But if i am giving some condition to this field(like the drop down should be visible if some radio button is clicked) then values are not populating.
3. I think only 1st time when page is loading that time database values are showing after that its getting clear or refreshed

Please help.

Hi @jayashree
For populating create form dropdown value follow below steps:

Step 1- First you populate your data in dropdown from database by hit of API and provide id to dropdown.

Step 2- Then use two radio button to hide and display the select element.

Step 3-Then create functionality “ on-click ” of radio button for hide and show dropdown and at the click of radio button for show dropdown then again call database API and bind data with dropdown.

Hope it work!
Thank you.

Hi Saurav,
Thanks for the solution.Can you create one sample please. Not able to get the onclick concept.CreateForm.xaml (96.6 KB)