'Create Form' Dynamic Check Boxes/Dropdowns don't work

Hi there, have been trying to use a List variable as part part of my InputFieldsCollection. however when i try to reference/use these. The UiPath form Renderer never loads, and displays a white screen indefinitely.

I have tried many variations and solutions, but the documentation is incomplete and limited, and similar solutions such as this have not been successful either.

Version 1.0.0 had a Data Source Type which made it really to retrieve variables but appears to have been phased out.

Could someone provide assistance with why I can’t get any of my InputFieldsCollections to work within UiPath Forms

Hi @LewisHenderson,

I am attaching sample project on usage of dynamic dropdowns in a form, might be helpful for you:

Test Action Center.zip (4.2 KB)


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The Sample works, but when I delete and copy the the city_dropdown Argument into create form activity, it recognises that I have made a change, but the field never appears on the form designer. I have tested this in multiple different environments and its the same for all.
Seems like something is’t working as intended with GenerateInputFields part of Create Forms activity.

Also, why have you chosen to use arrays for your input data, all the documentation suggests using dictionary or list variable types, not that they work either.

Hi @LewisHenderson,

Its the sample project I received in one of UiPath documentations.

I dint create this one but In this one also, I see there is a dictionary used whose key have multiple values(stored as string array), you may choose to try using list instead :slight_smile:

Happy exploring!!


I have been able to self-resolve, with the help of a colleague.

I still haven’t been able to get forms to auto populate. But when creating the FormFieldsCollection argument as ‘AccountList_dropdown’ I can then open the Form Designer and create a new dropdown element with the Field Key of ‘AccountList’ WITHOUT ‘_dropdown’. This appears to connect the keys together and allow for dynamic data to populate.

The bug appears to fail to generate field keys correctly. But can be manually resolved from within the form designer

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