Dynamic Checkboxes - No Checkboxes generating in form

Hi All,

I’m following the Dynamic Checkboxes tutorial in the Working with Forms documentation.

So far I have been unable to generate anything from the data I’m reading into my form.

According to the tutorial I only need to:

  1. Add a Create Form activity
  2. Create and populate a list or dict of strings (I’ve tried both and populated by defining the vars in default. I also added new strings using Add to Collection before the Create Form activity ran)
  3. Add the list and/or dict to the FormFieldsCollection property, which I’ve done using the var name in the Name and Value Fields

I’ve tried with GenerateInputFields checked and unchecked, and debugging before and after opening the Create Form activity.

I’m running UIPath Studio 2021.10.3 and Forms 1.7.0.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.