Create folder / file using the current day


If we would like to save the file named [“the current day”_“the file name”] in the “the current day” folder created in designated folder, is “Available” prepared?

Available: something which combine the string with the variable or the other string
Ex) “CONCATENATE” from the Excel function
Set [the designated folder] in the first variable or string, set [“the current day” folder] in the second, set [“the current day”_ ] in the third and save [the file] combined with all name and folder.

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It might not be what you’re looking for, but you don’t need special activity; you can combine strings by using “&” or “+” (both work fine)

For example, the file name you mentioned above can be as follows;
Today.ToString(“ddMMyyyy”) & “_filename.txt”

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a-taniya SAN

Thank you for your reply.
Our problem was solved.
Thank you very much.