Create Dynamic Table in Email


I am trying to create a process to send out emails with outstanding invoice information to our customers. I would like the body of the email to contain a table that lists information about each of the outstanding invoices in a separate row per invoice number. However, each customer would have a different number of invoices.

In the example below, the customer has two invoices, but the next customer may only have one and we may have another that has 10.

Is it possible to use UiPath to send an email with a dynamic table in the body of the email and have the table be populated based on results from a datatable? I know this is probably a detailed process, but if someone could point me in the right direction of high level steps, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

@jdahlinger You can check the Activity below to convert a Datatable to an Html Table, and then you can use the Output of that activity in the Body of the Mail that you want to send. Keeping the Property IsBodyHtml to True.