How to send dynamic and multiple table in email body

How to send dynamic and multiple table in email body

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You can use Create HTML content activity to create the body and insert table and save the output in a Variable. Pass this output in Body field in Send outlook mail message or Send SMTP activity and check the IsBodyHTML option in properties.

→ Use the Read Range workbook activity to read the excel and store in a datatable variable.
→ Click on the Open editor option in Create HTML content activity a window popsup.
→ In that window, click Add data values, and click on Add data values option, Select Table.
→ Pass the datatable variable and click on save.
→ After that give all the body text in the open editor window.
→ Go to the specified place where you want to insert table, click on add data values again and select the table option.

Check the below images for better understanding,
→ Read Range Workbook

In Properties of Read Range remove the check of Add Headers.

Output-> dt_Table

→ Create HTML Content-> Open Editor


→ Use Send Outlook Mail Message to send email check mark IsBodyHTML in the properties panel



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Use create html content activity.Click on Open editor in create html content,and then click “add data value” and then “Map values” and then “Add Value” and then click “Table” in that pass your datatable

you add all datatable data to this and then save

Pass the html content activity output in body of send outlook or mail messages activity

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