Create dynamic drop down box in form using excel


I want to create a dynamic form using excel.

There will be two drop down boxes. Based on selection of first drop down box, 2nd drop down data will be populated. User can choose multiple options in 2nd box. After submitting, selected options will be copied in excel file.

Both the boxes data will be derived from excel sheet or SQL server (if possible).


Try with macro it will work

Hello @csmart
Will it be possible to share the screenshot?

Here as per my understanding you have to use dynamic selectors, by passing a variable to the selector.


Screenshot is not possible. I tried to modify the sample provided on UiPath support page where C# code is evoked. But I don’t know how to pass variable to the code.

Check this link

You dont need to essentially have an invoke code. Here the invoke code to just to populate the list. In your case you can even read the excel file and generate a list from that and assign to a list variable. Then pass this list variable to the in argument as mentioned on the documentation.

Also if you need to have dynamic/conditional dropdowns, please refer to below links. Sample workflows are also available.