Create an excel and use it

I’ve made a process that it goes to a specific link of an eshop and it scrapes all the product links from one category and it saves them in an excel doc.
I want then to read that data and go to all the links one by one.
When I create the excel application scope and read range and I run it I take this error :

how can I solve it?

Hi @GeorgiaSkam,

Excel is opend that’s why you will get this error message.Please close excel after scrap data.

You are doing same time saving data and read data is not possible because when you saving time excel is open and immediately you are doing read excel.


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Can u show the workflow sequence screenshot

I used a write range activity to save my data in the excel. What activity I must use to close it?


Better you can use work book activity like

1writerang activities (work book)
2)Read range activities (work book)

In this activity that I post earlier what can I do to solve my problem?

You cannot use workbook activities inside Excel Application scope for same file
Use Excel Write range

the write to excel activity that I have is a sequence that only have inside the workbook write range

Is this write range activity is used inside Excel Application scope?

As per your requirement first scrap data and write in excel and after read that same excel data.So comment you are Excel application scope code take below work book activity

1writerang activities
2)Read range activities



I’ve made this and I want to know how to use the data…when I try to show on the screen what is inside the file I get this:


After read rage take foreach row enter your datatable name and inside message box row(0) means first column data it will show

Oh perfect!! it works!! Thank you very much!!
If I want to open a browser and for every row/link go into browser and visit this link I can use this for each row activity and I am done?

yes you can inside foreach row put openbrowser like below row(“yourexcel header column name”).Tostring
or row(0).Tostring means your column index if you know

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