Create a folder in SharePoint

Hi all,

I want to create a folder in SharePoint.
Can anyone help me with how can i proceed ?
Is there any specific activity in uipath to do this ?
I have a specific case, where i don’t want to have any UI interaction in site, like clicking the options in browser and create folder.

Try Send HotKey,It may help you

Hi @Sindhuja252

Use Create Directory activity and give the specified sharepoint path with the Folder Name in the properties where you want to create the folder.


You can explore this maybe

Leveraging the SharePoint REST API is also an option.

hi @sivapradeep

could you please tell me , what to replace with %20 and %2F or any other character like this. As the activity is not working with teh actual sharepoint url

Hi @A581043

I think if you open your sharepoint link in the Windows Explorer, It will give the link which you can use in your Activity.


Hi @A581043,

These are percent-encoding often referred to as URL encoded special characters. %20 would be a space character while the %2F is a forward slash /. I cannot think of why something that fetches content from a URL would have troubles with the encoding as it’s part of the specification.

If you take some time to research, even with those sets of characters, you’ll find a wealth of information on it, including reference tables of what each one is.

If you still require assistance, I would please ask that you take the time to open a new topic to ask your question (in an MVCE way) as this seems off-topic from the original post.

Some helpful references: