How to create folder in sharepoint

HI All,
How can we create folder in sharepoint . What parameter we have to pass

I am referring below post but it gives me error
How to create folder in sharepoint? - Help / Activities - UiPath Community Forum
@THIRU_NANI @Palaniyappan
I want to create new “xyzFolder” folder. “/Shared Documents/One/” folder is alredy present.

Create Folder activity parameter:
sharepoint root url: “
Library name: “test”
item url:"/Shared Documents/One/TestFolder/xyzfolder"


Could you please mention the error?

I can only see that the folder is already present. So change the folder name or delete the existing file and try it again…


thanks for the reply.
Folder is not present.
i want to create new folder with name=“xyzFolder”.
1)sharepoint root url: “”
Library name: “Document”
item url:"/Shared Documents/One/TestFolder/xyzFolder"

error :Access denied

  • Manually i tried and i am able to create “xyzFolder” under testFolder.

2)sharepoint root url: “”
Library name: “Shared Document”
item url:"/Shared Documents/One/TestFolder/xyzFolder"

error :Create folder: List ‘Shared Documents’ does not exist at site with URL ‘https:’.

does i inserting wrong value in the fileds

I am able to create folder with below parameter. Might be helpful to others
Correct Parameter:

sharepoint root url: “”
Library name: “Document”
item url:“One/TestFolder/xyzFolder”

Actual library name is “Document” instead of “Shared Document”

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