Courses Training Files Download Failure

When I try to download any file from any course (zip files that contain practice projects) in Academy my Chrome browser fails to do so with notification that the download is forbidden. I have tried disabling all Chrome extensions and the behavior was same. Interestingly, training files download works fine in Edge.


May be this is a bug, because it is working fine in Mozilla Firefox, Explorer and Edge browser.

Even I am facing the same issue pesently.
Dont know what is the problem with chrome.

Dear Andrey .

It did not work for me either. When clicked on the download link, the zip file fails to download with error status - " Failed - Forbidden" . Are you facing the same issue as well?

Alternate way to download -

Right click on the download link and try to open in a new tab/window, which then automatically gets downloaded. Let me know if it works.


Hi @Top_Raman,
Im facing the same issue.

Hi Parvathy,

Try right click and open the file in a new tab/window. This should automatically download your file .

Let me know if it worked for you.


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