Cannot download lessons' attachments using Firefox or Firefox variants

Hi. Thanks for the tutorials, they are of great quality and very helpful.
However, using firefox or any variant (developer or nightly), it’s impossible to download the attachments.
Unfortunately, I cannot switch to chrome, since it is not allowed in my company.
A fix for this would be much appreciated.

Impossible to download in Firefox?

Is that because of your company’s security settings?

The downloads do work in chrome. Tested on external laptop connected to the company network


Are you getting any error while you trying to download from FireFox?



There’s no error. Clicking the attachments just doesn’t do anything at all. Trying to open the link in a new tab yields an “AccessDenied” XML file.

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I am having this issue as well.

@eb-arch @matteo.tatibouet

can you download anything else from any other website in the Firefox?

Is yes then it might be something community moderator needs to look into.

If no, turn its some security settings in Firefox may be by your company (if you are using a work laptop)

Yes, I have no issues downloading from other sites.

Also, I have tried on mac and Windows.

then it seems to be an issue.

@loginerror @Pablito: can you guys please share your thoughts on this?

I can also confirm that downlaoding works on other websites. I have found a workaround, as Chrome is not allowed in my company but Brave is, so I use that for downloading the attachments.
Since Brave is Chromium based as well, the issue seems to be related to gecko-based browsers and their engines.
Thank you

Thank you for your reports.

Could you please submit a ticket with our Academy Support to log it for our Academy team? :slight_smile:

Done, thank you

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Hi, unfortunately I also can’t download any course material as of now (March 2022). Issue apparently still exists. I will also get in touch with UiPath Learning

edit. I found a fix for my firefox version with the help from UiPath support, thanks for that. The following URLs have to be whitelisted from Firefox’ Enhanced Tracking Protection:


In my firefox I could see the Exceptions to Tracking by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Manage Exceptions but there you can’t add any exceptions.
Quick fix is to simply go to every url in the list manually, then clicking the shield symbol left of the address bar and turn off “Enhanced Tracking Protection”

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Hi. I am also getting this error in July 2022. Strangely I wasn’t having this issue until a few days ago.