Check last record in excel and below that write next record

Hi all,
I have one variable diginumber in which I get one record I want to save that record in excel .every time diginumber is different so I want to write it in Excel below first record.
My flow
Read range for output file “dtoutput”
I use assign activity for diginumber
For each row in dtoutput
Write line dtoutput.rows.count.tostring
Assign counter=counter+2 cz want to write from B2
Then write cell
Still I can’t get proper output pls suggest where m wrong

Hello @sayali_rokade

you can use Find first row\Last row activity to find the index of the last row in the excel.

Then you can use that index to write the row using write row activity.

Do u have any example flow

Hey @sayali_rokade

Try using Append Range activity !


But in append range we have data table nd my value is in string variable

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It’s fine we can convert it which is easier job.

Could you please show your Excel table structure and your current string variable?


Hello @sayali_rokade

You can use text to Datatable activity to split your string and to convert to a Datatable.

Hi @sayali_rokade,

Can you share flow or a dataset?


This my flow and need to save in excel in B column from B2

hello, you can use a read range to read the whole excel. count the number of rows from the datatable variable you get out and store that as a variable. then add 2 to that number to get the value last row in your excel

Can you pls provide me sample file cz I tried this not working my side