Is there any way to get ALL H3 text off of a website, not just the first instance?

Hiya! This is my… technically second UiPath robot! I’m trying to build a robot which does the following:

1: Gets a word from a Google Sheets document
2: Copies + Pastes that word into WordNet
3: Gets the parts of speech
4: Gets the corresponding definitions for the different parts of speech
5: Pastes the parts of speech and definitions into the Sheets document
6: Rinse & Repeat

Well, I have all of the steps, except for 3 and 4. You see, the webpage I’m trying to extract data from, WordNet, looks like this. I use the word ‘well’ as an example, because it has the most parts of speech out of pretty much all words. I would say 4 or 5 parts of speech is the maximum number of parts of speech a word can have.

So, the selector for the text where it says ‘Noun’ at the top in big, bold H3 font looks like this:

<webctrl idx='1' tag='H3' />

The problem with this selector is that it ONLY gets the word ‘Noun.’ If I were to run the selector on this page, I would like to instead get ‘Noun Verb Adjective Adverb.’ This is the same problem for the definitions; if I select one chunk of definitions, it will only give me the definitions under the word ‘Noun,’ and none of the others.

So, is this possible at all, or should I honestly just give up? I’ve been at it for a few days now beating my head against the wall; I’ve probably spent more time trying to fuss with this problem than it would have taken me to do all 322 rows myself.

Thanks for reading my silly problem! :slight_smile:

refer to this
Main (1).xaml (9.7 KB)

you are partly correct in using "<webctrl tag='H3' />"
but you have to use find children activity
use find children, set scope = find_descendants, set filter = <webctrl tag='H3' />"

now you can loop the result using foreach loop



If you can use the latest UiAutomation package, ForEach UiElement also works. (We can write it easily)

FYI, the following is for classic FindChildren activity (7.5 KB)