Activities in Studio

Hi Friends,

I am not getting Data scrapping and screen scrapping in UIpath studio and I am not getting open browser activity. Could you please help me on this.

Venkatesh Cheeni


The following will help you.


I will check it from my end.

Still i am not getting data scrapping and Screen scrapping option and also open browser activity in UiPath studio.


Can you share screenshot and version information?


And iā€™d like to confirm, did you modify your settings from the following menu?



Thanks I got the open browser activity but i am not getting Data scrapping, Screen scrapping options.


Which version do you use? it depends on Studio and UiAutomation version.
Can you share these version information and screenshot of studio if possible?


And if you choose platfrom Wndows or CrossPlatform, can you try Windows legacy when create project?

Ok I will try from my end.

I am getting this error. can you resolve this

Can you plse resolve this issue

Hi @venkateshcheeni09
Still you not get the data scrapping and screen scrapping.
disable the modern design in the project settings-> genral tab-> modern design

I am speaking about the above issue.

Hi @venkateshcheeni09
Are you trying to install this packages or update . try with some other option in that dropdown menu at the right side of the panel.

Is this error coming when opening studio or while running the bot


No while i am downloading the packages from manage pacakges.

May I know the package name you are downloading @venkateshcheeni09

I am trying to download the pacakges so i am getting the error.

bala reva excel activities.