Could not start executor. Creating user session timed out

Could not start executor. Creating user session timed out.

System.Exception: Could not start executor. Creating user session timed out.

we added the environment to 600 seconds but cant start the executor
Last session took 10 minutes

But if we connect to the VDI and then logout its works
What settings here im missing !



Attaching the below thread for your analysis

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Thanks we seems having the same issue 2023.4.2 :confused: i will follow that topic thanks for sharing

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Is issue resolved at your end @Hazem_Saleh

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Hi yes
we found a text message block the executor :slight_smile:


Which text message… Can you help to understand what you did to fix the issue?


There was a message box activity used in the workflow, which shows a popup message. It will not go away until and unless configured accordingly or closed manually.

Where do we need to configure that?


I would advise to not to use Message box in unattended bot’s. To log something use Log message.

If you still want Message Box configure it’s property AutomaticallyCloseAfter to your desired timeframe.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hello @ashokkarale and @Hazem_Saleh ,

I have the same problem happening, but I don’t have any “Message Box” Activity in my bot. It must be some other activity that is causing the issue…if you could tell me how you found out it was the Message Box activity, maybe I can do the same and find what activity it is in my bot. Thank you

@ashokkarale - There is no message activity in my code as it’s unattended solution. Not sure if you referring to correct activity.

Hi ,
sorry for late answer its info message always show up when the robot login

its from windows not the robot.

Increasing UiPath Session Timeout has resolved the issue. So there is nothing related to message box or logging which blocks it.

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