Could not start executor. Access is denied - Service mode unattended robot

Hi everyone,
I have configured an unattended robot in service mode in Cloud Orchestrator. After connecting the assistant to the machine through URL and machine key, I can see the robot in Cloud Orchestrator with the “available” status and the green dot. Up to this point, it seems that’s all correct. But when I try to run a process, the job faults with the following error message: “Could not start executor. Access is denied (#1680)” Input Values: NULL Output Values: NULL. Username and password values for the unattended robot are correct, but stored in Azure Key Vault type Credential store and not into the Orchestrator database.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi !
In this post several options are given, even if it’s not exactly the same error message, maybe there is something that gives an idea of the problem ?