Could not set IIS web site bindings - Troubleshoot

Issue Description:

Could not set IIS website bindings



From the screenshot, it seems the certificate is missing or not created.
Verify the certificate you are using for binding. Create a self signed SSL certificate and bind for now.
Later you can change the binding with another certificate if required. Please refer the link to install a certificate:

Ensure you have installed URL Rewrite too.

If still you are facing the issue :
Manually delete the certificate in the system from Personal As well as Trusted Root Certificate location.


Possibility of a preexisting certificate installed in the system which is corrupt and not getting removed when deleted from IIS.
Delete & follow the steps of creating self signed certificate from the link shared above.

Follow the steps : Exporting Self-Signed Certificates

Make sure certificate is Installed in both personal as well as trusted Root Certification Authorities.

Please make sure to fulfil the software requirements and prerequisites for installation. Attaching below links for reference

Make sure all the below 4 Installed.

  • PowerShell - minimum required version: 4.0.
  • .NET Framework - minimum required version: 4.5.2.
  • IIS 7.5 and above
  • Web-Deploy extension .

Check all the pre-requisites especially URL Rewrite, Log on as a batch job right for Application Pool user.