Could not find a certificate with subject ****. Make sure there is such a certificate in the **** - Troubleshoot Steps

Issue :


Solution :

Please verify the Certificate on the server where it is being installed.
Navigate to IIS -> Server Certificate -> Select The Certificate Details (Issuer Name)
Copy the name and provide during Installation.


From the screenshot, which has been shared, it seems the certificate is missing or not created.
Verify the certificate you are using for binding. I would suggest creating an self signed SSL certificate and bind for now.
Later you can change the binding with another certificate if required. Please refer the link to install a certificate:

Ensure you have installed URL Rewrite too.

Also, Please make sure to fulfill the software requirements and prerequisites for installation. Attaching below links for reference

Hope the above information was helpful


thanks, but i have a question.
after download URL Rewrite, how to config it for run Orchstrator

Thank you so much! This was very helpful!