"Could not retrieve transaction item. Exception message: My_Queue\nMy_Queue\My_Queue\nMy_Queue\n My_Queue\n does not exist. Error code: 1002",

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I’m currently facing an issue with the REframework while running my robot from the Orchestrator. The robot is designed to retrieve items from a queue, but upon checking the logs, I found the following error message: “Could not retrieve transaction item” with error code 1002. I have verified that the queue name is correctly added to the configuration file. However, the error persists, and I’m unable to proceed with the execution of the robot. I would appreciate any assistance from the community to help me troubleshoot this issue. Thank you in advance for your help.

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check below the UiPath Studio that it is correct pointing to the dedicated folder:

check if the asset is available in the targeted folder
check if needed permissions for accessing folder & assets

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Yes the folder is correct and it is all set up correctly, I checked many times! Any idea what is the problem might be?

Hi @Islam_ISmail

is the process published at the same folder that you crated the queue and assets?

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Yes, It is! all of them (Process - Queue - Assets) are in the same folder! do you know what the problem might be?


Did you give aueue access to the robots?..try checking the robot roles…

Also try using a log mesaage and print the queue name to verify if there are any extra spaces or if it is exactly same as the name provided in the orchestrator

Hope this helps