Could not generate view for Napplicationcard (Use Application/Browser Activity)


I have a problem while try to execute a Robot on user PC. On several PC, it does not have any problem but in this PC, i have this error said “Could not generate view for Napplicationcard” and it turn into red block below on my Use Application/Browser activity.


I already install the Packages for it but it still doesn’t work. Has anyone have same problem with me?

Thank you

Hi @Yogi_Gozali !
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Here is a topic that has similarities with yours, would you mind checking if an upgrade of your navigator helps ? (or at least checking if all the pc have the same version as the pc on which the job works well)

HI @Hiba_B

Thanks for your reply. I already try doing solution you mention but i think its different from what i need. But anyway i already solve it. I update the PC OS (from Win 7 to Win 10) and for now there is no other issue regarding this error.

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same issue

I encountered the same issue. I closed the .xaml file that had the issue, then opened an Edge browser window, then re-opened the .xaml file, and the error was gone.

I am using version 22.4.1 of UiPath.System.Activities and version 23.4.7 of UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities.

I am having the same issue when upgraded studio from 2020.10 to 2022.10
According to latest activity lifecycle , stable version of UIAutomation package for 2022.10 is 2022.10.6
But all use application /browser activities are showing error “Could not generate view for NApplicationCard”
If anyone faced the issue and resolved it please provide the solution
Thank You

I am experiencing the same issue lately with Studio X 2021.10.

For me the issue was mainly because of missing packages and dependencies.