Project Wont Compile -> Invoke Workflow

Hi, so before the update to 22.10.1 in a process i was using the invoke Workflow with a variable to call the next workflow to execute, Something like this :


and before the update this was running perfectly, but now the code wont compile, so i cannot run this because UiPath says that UiPath Could Not Find the file “Folder/Folder/”+in_TransactionItem+“.xaml”

->Yes This was working excelent before the update
->No the path isnt wrong
->I cannot debug or do anything because the code wont compile

This is one of the errors that gives to me

The Path is something like “C:\Users\User\xxxx\Padrones_Windows\DescargaPadrones\DescargaPadrones_NameOfFile.xaml”

So the transaction item is like the name of the workflow.

This is not supported for compiled projects.

Before the new update this was working…


This matter depends on not Studio version but compatibility such as Windows-Legacy,Windows or CrossPlatform, because compiler (and compiled project) doesn’t support xaml file outside the project folder.
I guess you migrated your project to Windows compatibility. Probably Windows-Legacy project still remains in your UiPath Studio default location folder, can you try to use it?


Hello @Joaquin_Bracci

After the update have you updated all the dependent packages in the manage package?
If not give it a try. Also at the bottom of the studio is it showing windows or windows legacy?