Corrupt Excel file probably due to Data Table format of Write range destination

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I am facing a big issue with a sequence.
My final file that is the recipient of a SAP Export (in txt format) gets corrupt, probably due to the fact that the destination range of the Write range activity is in Excel Data Table format and not in plain format. I am wondering if there is any specification that I am missing in order to get the Write range activity successful when the destination area of the Excel sheet is in Data Table format. Here attached are the screenshots of the Read range source file (n.1) and the Write range destination file (n.2) plus a screen shot of my coding.

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Looks like (I might be wrong, it’s a bit hard to see) in your source data column C is blank so instead of writing into columns B through I you are writing into cols B through J. If col J is locked or there are any formatting discrepancies this can cause an error. What error are you getting specifically?

thanks @jks ! The issue of the additional column with no header was actually resolved in the code itself by a Add/remove column activity, so it has no impact in the final output. The error message that I get after opening the Excel containing the Write Range is the one here below. I tried to Google it but I don’t seem to have found anything significant. I am afraid that the Write Range Activity does not work properly when the destination area is in Data Table format :frowning:

Hi @Fabio_Di_Turi ,

Could you maybe try moving the Write Range outside/after the Excel Application Scope ?

You probably need to de-serialize the xml

Hi @Fabio_Di_Turi

Would it be possible for you to attach a new, sample project with dummy files that reproduce this issue? It would be the quickest way for our team to investigate the issue.

Also, a few standard options include:

  • contacting our technical support for direct assistance
    Contact Technical Support
  • checking with the latest versions of the Excel activity package