Correct my URL

Hi I am currently working on a flow which clicks on a button in chrome which copies a URL to clipboard, I then get from clipboard and hyperlink it and send an email. When I get the email in outlook I am unable to click on the hyperlink to launch the site, I can copy hyperlink and paste it and that works fine. I suspect the URL which is being generated has errors. Is there a way to correct the generated url so that it works when I click on the hyperlink in the email.

Usually when you copy urls into any kind of word processing software it might not automatically create a url.

Simple trick is to click enter after writing the url part. This way Word or outlook automatically parses the url into a clickable url.

So if your robot is writing the url try to send hotkey enter right after it writes the URL.

Hi Jeevith, That’s a good suggestion currently my flow stores the URL which gets copied to clipboard in a variable, later in the flow I recall this variable in my e-mail body. are you suggesting I add a
after I call the variable in my HTML body? something like Variable.Tostring

I suggest you to split the variable into 3 parts.

1 part before url
2 part the url
3 part after the url

Then you can use type into activity and use and enter or space hotkey after writing the 2nd part.

Part1 + Part2 Enter or space hotkey + Part3

I don’t know how your variable looks like. The challenge here is to split and extract url only. But there are many solutions to do this in the forum so you can refer them (regex and substring approaches) .

Hi @jeevith … your suggestion(I know you are really good at)will work perfectly in Studio and easy to assign & handle…but since this question is posted under StudioX I am guessing user might be looking for some easy way(no code/easy code)…

@zaid_macci - could you please share the url copied from chrome, let me try in Studiox and see what is the output I am getting …

Update: two simple tricks (please try if its works for you)

  1. Copy and paste the url to your outlook and hit enter to see outlook recognize the text as url, if this works you can add enter in studiox

  2. Add < url > ( add less than symbol and greater than symbol before and after your url without spaces) and see if this fixes the issue.