Select the hyperlink from an Outlook email body help?

Hi All, I have been thrown into the fire and tasked with automating an HR onboarding process. I am making good progress but have been told to change my trigger. I am not needing to click on a hyperlink to open a webpage that will contain all the data I need to move from one app to another. What would i bring into my process to start the flow?


@jdeharo Did you mean that you want to extract a URL from outlook email?

Hi Athira I believe that is what I need to do. I need to extract the url…plug into browser to get to the page. I am not sure how to go about grabbing the url off the email. The below url is an example of what I need to grab, but the
final digits are not unique and will change with each applicant.

the url below is consistent up to apps/…from there it can change. Thank you for responding!

After reading your mail using Get outlook mail message or any other mail activity assign the email body to a variable. You may use YourVariable.Headers(“HTMLBody”) to get mail body from outlook mail message.
And using a activity ‘Matches’ you can extract URL from that body.
The regular expression “(https?://)?([\da-z.-]+).([a-z.]{2,6})([/\w.-])/?\S” should work for finding the match.

Hope this helps

Athira thank you for the help. I was able to generate my message box that has the url i am wanted from the body. Last thing I need help with please is executing that url to open in a browser, thoughts? thank you again this has been a huge help!

You can directly use this URL variable in open browser activity.

As soon as I asked I saw…Athira youve been a big help thank you!

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