Copying folders from network path it's slow

Hi all,

I am very New to uipath development.

I am trying to copy folders (source folders) from network path it’s running very the same time if my source files in local machine it’s very fast please advice how to increase the Speed of copying folders from network path.


Hi @Shagoul_Hameed what u mean by network path here?


Did you try downloading files from network path manually?

Network path files download speed depends on various conditions like the connectivity, server fastness and file size

Local files are saved in your physical machine, so it will be fast, as they don’t require any internet connectivity

You can try Map network drive, may be it helps you

Hope this helps you


Hi Mate,

You can’t increase the speed of network path, it all depends on your internet speed instead you can put delay activity so that bot will wait to certain time and all things can be done properly.

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Sahil Garg

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Shared drive

Hi @Srini84,

Thanks for the information.

Hi @Sahil_Garg1,

Thanks for the information



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Done Thank you :slight_smile:

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